La Torre 3.5.19

The Plaza Golf Society
La Torre 3.5.19
You must be at the course 45 minutes before your Tee time.
Committee Members will be in the Bar Area
9:57 Colin Wilson Fed B John Griffiths NFed B
  John Robinson NFed B Colin Fearnley NFed B
10:06 Gareth Davies Fed W Theo Boelhouwer Fed W
  Tony Sims Fed W Joost Boelhouwer Fed W
10:15 Phil de Lacy Fed W Mike Thornton Fed W
  Warren Harris NFed W Ricky Cowan Fed W
10:24 Liz Thornton Fed W Ricardo Nash NFed B
  Jane Cowan Fed W Ray Pullen NFed B
10:33 Dean Tracey Fed? W Tony Smale Fed W
  Barry Mitchell NFed W Dave Shield NFed W
10:42 Jimmy Gray FedMar B Lee Holtham Fed B
  Callum Hitcham Fed B Raymond Hood NFed B
10:51 Liz Sully Fed B Matt Taylor NFed B
  Declan Crowley Marsh B Ray Waite NFed B
11:00 Robert McDowell NFed W Richard Allen Fed B
  Phil Sully Fed W Ben Chadwick NFed B
11:09 Alan Smythe NFed B Roger Webb NFed B
  Alan Carter NFed B Steve Hitcham NFed B
11:18 Jim Bowman NFed B Jonny Gray NFed B
  John Aird NFed B Alan Hill NFed B
Res: Troy Norris     Jane Chadwick    
  Jim Marks          
W = Walking B = Hired Buggy NFed = Not Federated (Charge at Club €3.00)
Members €5 + €2 2's Pot = €7 Guests €10 + €2 2's Pot = €12
To Caddy Master Walking €38 Shared Buggy €49 Plus Federation Fee
First Time Players !
Please be aware the competition closes 15 minutes after the last group
arrive at The Ale House - scorecards received after that time will be invalid.

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