Las Ramblas 31.5.19


The Plaza Golf Society
Las Ramblas Friday 31st May 2019
You must be at the course 45 minutes before your Tee time.
Committee Members will be in the Bar Area
10:24 Callum Hitcham B Fed Alan Carter B Fed
  Steve Hitcham B Fed Gary Harper B NFed
10:32 Chris Caswell W NFed Ian Woodhall B NFed
  Karen Currie W NFed Margaret Woodhall B NFed
10:40 Ray Pullen B NFed George Maguire B NFed
  Pelly Romei B NFed Tony Schofield B NFed
10:48 Simon Lee B Fed Marsh Kevin Bird W NFed
  Dean Tracey B Fed ? Kev Adamson W NFed Marsh
10:56 Jimmy Gray B Fed Marsh Kevin Laverick W NFed
  Theo Boelhouwer W Fed Mark Preston W NFed
11:04 Mike Willmetts B NFed Jim Bowman B NFed
  Liz Willmetts B NFed Bo Lejdstrom B NFed
11:12 Bob Rankin B NFed Steve Barry B NFed
  Steve Ward B NFed Patrick O'Dowd B NFed
11:20 Phil Sully W Fed Gordy Brindley B NFed
  Gareth Davies W Fed Dave Lethaby B Fed Marshall
11:28 Richard Allen B Fed Ron Temple W Fed
  Liz Sully B Fed Tony Smale W Fed
11:36 Phil de Lacy W Fed Roger Webb B NFed
  Dave Robson W NFed Neil Bason B NFed
11:44 Declan Crowley B Marshall Bob Kemp B NFed
  Jonny Gray B NFed Ricardo Nash B NFed
Res: Russell Bond B Fed Marsh Alan Stoves B NFed
  Chris Bellman B NFed    
W = Walking B = Hired Buggy NFed = Not Federated (Charge at Club €1.50)
Members €5 + €2 2's Pot = €7 Guests €10 + €2 2's Pot = €12
To Caddy Master Walking €35 Shared Buggy €45 Plus Federation Fee €1.50
First Time Players !
Please be aware the competition closes 15 minutes after the last group
arrive at The Ale House - scorecards received after that time will be invalid.

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