The Plaza Golf Society Rules and Information

Rules of the Plaza Golf Society 2019

The Plaza Golf Society

Membership is 20€ per year. Golf year is May to April. 

Prizes consist of cash prizes for 1st and 2nd and 3rd for members. Each game every player will be 5€ entry. Two divisions will be paid out.
Nearest the pin will be given out in vouchers to use in The Ale House.

Non members will pay 5€ extra and prizes will be wine, merchandise, Ale House Vouchers (these prizes are dependant on numbers). 
Football cards will be 'sold' after every game, money from this goes towards The League Anniversary cup and the nearest the pins.
Fun fines will be given out from the Captain & money raised to go to chosen charity
No one on this Society gets free golf, the Captain will pay for his golf and when a free game is given by the golf course the money goes back to the Society.
2 strike rule, if you put your name up for golf and don't attend twice you are not invited to put your name down the 3rd time until you have actually paid the Committee for your golf. (no money will be returned for non attendance).
To Qualify for the Order of Merit you need to play 11 games or more.
The draw will be done at the Ale House 2 to 3 days before the game. It will be a blind draw (although we will try to accommodate friends where possible).

Handicaps:: max men 28, ladies 36
No Gimmies at All
Winter rules apply all year pick and place on fairways only.

Please book your games via

We use system master scoreboard for points and handicaps and this is updated after every game. This can be found on a link on the plaza website.

The ‘base’ score in stableford is CSS so anyone scoring CSS is considered to be at Par and won't get cut.
CSS is 34 points
Those scoring above the CSS will be cut according to their handicap level and is as follows:

0 -5 cut by 0.1 shot per one above the CSS points therefore anyone scoring 36 will be cut 0.2

6 -12 cut by 0.2 shots per one point above the CSS points… So golfer scores 36 which is 2 above, he will cut by 2 x 0.2 = 0.4

13-20 cut by 0.3 shots per one point above CSS….36 points = 0.6

21 and above cut by 0.4 shots per one point above CSS….. 36 points = 0.8

The committee reserve the right to add a rule or change an existing rule that deems to be in the best interest for the society and that decision is final.

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